Professor Buniyamin Adesina AYINDE
Deputy Vice-Chancellor Ekenwan

Professor Buniyamin Adesina Ayinde had his primary school education at District Council School, Olukotun, Iwo, Osun State from 1973 to 1979. He had his secondary school education at Iwo Grammar School Iwo from 1979 to 1984 and Bachelor degree in Botany in 1989 at University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria. In 1995, he obtained his M.Sc. in Pharmacognosy from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State and his Ph.D. in Pharmacognosy from University of Benin in 2006. In Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, he was the recipient of the prestigious Alba Pharmacy Award for being the best MSc. Student in Pharmacognosy.

He joined the service of University of Benin in October 1995 as an Assistant Lecturer and rose through the ranks to the position of Professor of Pharmacognosy in 2012. He specializes in the biological evaluation and isolation of active constituents from Nigerian medicinal plants used in the treatment of tumour-related ailments, plants used as aphrodisiacs and those used in reducing blood pressure. He has also worked on various applications of essential or volatile oils. He has supervised and graduated more than 10 MSc students and 6 PhD students. Professor Ayinde is a member of the Nigerian Society of Pharmacognosy and has held the positions of National Treasurer and Zonal Chairman in this Society.

He has attended many Local and International Conferences. He did a Post-Doctoral Fellowship program at International Centre for Biological and Chemical Sciences (ICCBS) Pakistan via NAM&ST, India. While in Pakistan, he initiated and established a subsisting research MoU between ICCBS and University of Benin. He initiated and still heads a multi-disciplinary research group- Ethnomedicine Drug-Discovery Research Group in the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Benin.

He has been External Examiner to many Departments of Pharmacognosy across the Nation and has carried out Prima Facie for promotions to Senior Lecturer and Professorial cadres for many Universities within and outside Nigeria.

He was appointed Departmental and Faculty Examination Officers at different times (1996-2005 and 2006-2008 respectively) and Head of Department for seven (7) years (2009-2011; 2014- 2019). He was appointed Chairman, University of Benin Students’ Work Study Program (2014, 2015-2019). He is a member of University Senate and Senate Representative in four different Committees of Senate including Business Committee of Senate.

He has more than 80 research publications across national and international journals; and a book chapter in Essential Oils in Food Preservation, Flavour and Safety edited by Victor Preedy and published by Elsevier. He was the only lecturer in Pharmacy given this opportunity in Nigeria.

Besides these, he was elected Benin branch Chairman of Nasrullahi-li-Fatih Society of Nigeria (2009-2014). He was also appointed Imam, University Central Mosque in 2009.

A Quintessential Award Winner

Professor Lilian Salami has received numerous honours and award which include:

  1. Ondo State Female role Model Award, 24th February, 2019/
  2. Pan-African Leadership Award as Amazon of Nation Building in Africa, 2019.
  3. Honourary Distinguished Award of Gender Agenda by Adeyemi College of Education Student’s Union, 2019.
  4. NIEPA 2019 Award of Excellence
  5. I-Glide Ace concept – Special Recognition Award presented at the 3rd EDO/DELTA ICONS & STARS AWARD, 2018 (EDISA’18).
  6. Award of Excellence by the Benin Campus Group, University of Benin in recognition of her contributions to the Development of the University of Benin, 2018.
  7. Award of Excellence presented by the Nigeria Institute of Management (Chartered) Ondo city Chapter for her unflinching support, 2018.
  8. Award as Matron, Women in Colleges of education, Ekiadolor Chapter, Benin. 2018.
  9. Award of distinction by the Centre for Gender studies, University of Benin, in recognition for and Appreciation of her outstanding Achievements and Services, 2017.
  10. Award of Excellence by the Research and Development Department, NIEPA, NIGERIA, Ondo State in recognition of her selfless service and unflinching commitment to Education Research and Development, 2017.
  11. Distinguished Women’s Award of Excellence by the Diocesan Women Organization, Christ Anglican Church on the occasion of the 2017 Mothering Sunday, 2017.
  12. Fellowship Award by the Home Economics council of Nigeria (HECON)for her selfless contributions to the development of Home Economics Profession in Nigeria, 2017.
  13. Philanthropic Award by the Vero’s Palace Foundation, Ondo for her support to Humanity and community, 2017.
  14. Award of Excellence in honour of her appointment as Director-General, Nigeria Institute for Education Planning and Administration, presented by Prof. F. F. O. Orumwense, Vice Chancellor, UNIBEN, Benin City, 2016.
  15. Fellowship Award by the Nurition Society of Nigeria in recognition of her contribution to the upliftof Nutritional Sciences in Nigeria, 2016.
  16. Fellow of Research Institute, National Institute for educational Planning and Administration, NIEPA (Nigeria) Ondo chapter, 2016.
  17. Award of ASURI Membership Certificate, NIEPA, Ondo Chapter, 2016.
  18. Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Strategic Management Nigeria (ISMN), 2015.
  19. Golden Honorary Award by the Baptist High School Old Students Association on the Occasion of her 50th Anniversary.
  20. Award of Honour by NUESA (UNIBEN CHAPTER) in recognition of her purposeful and students’ friendly leadership.
  21. Award of Excellence in recognition of her immense contributions to sporting activities in the Faculty of Education, UNIBEN.
  22. Award of Excellence in leadership by the Federation of OndoEkimogun Students’ Union (FOESU).
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