The purpose of the policy is to provide an insight to the admission criteria and requirements for the various courses of study and programmes in the Colleges, Faculties, Schools, Institutes and Centers.


Whereas the University of Benin, Benin-City, Nigeria is committed to equality in line with the Federal Government of Nigeria quota system.The University therefore developed a policy document that is inclusive and provides for extensive participation.

This policy gives an all-embracing guideline for the University’s admissions, inclusive of the Colleges, Faculties, Schools, Institutes & Centers within the University. It is aimed at equitable, all-inclusive, rational and unambiguous protocols for admissions and is applicable to all categories of student admissions, including the undergraduate, postgraduate, full time and part time programmes for the award of certificates, diplomas and degrees.

Among other content, succinct guidelines to prospective students on admission requirements to National Universities Commission’s accredited courses and programmes are provided in this policy.


The scope includes provision of minimum admission requirements, terms and conditions, selection process, roles and responsibilities, transfers, progression, certification, feedback, complaints and appeals related to the admission of prospective students.



The University of Benin sticks to the policy of keeping the highest standards in the admission of students into her various programmes of study. They include Merit (which involves candidates whose scores meet the Departmental cutoff marks), respect for Catchment Area (which includes States that are situated around the vicinity of the institution as well as neighboring States), regard for educationally disadvantaged States (which includes applicants from States of the nation categorized as those who are not well educated and need to be encouraged),before considering other States. The University appreciates that a trainable student who will become a productive graduate, useful to the Nigeria society and the world at large, must be sure footed even at the point of admission into the University. To that end, the University does not waive the laid down admission requirements that have been set by the University Senate.


The terms and conditions for admissions are the implied contract contained herein for all undergraduate and postgraduate applicants upon admission. This informationis available at the University of Benin website ( are student-oriented friendly offers and are to be accepted by each student upon admission. The terms and conditions are clear, simple and based on the University of Benin environment. They include but are not limited to provisional admission, physical screening and acceptance of the admission.


The University of Benin is an established educational institution committed to promote knowledge and technology. The primary mission of the University is student development in a safe environment where there is equal opportunity for students. The University has designed an orderly structure to ensure a peaceful atmosphere to enable students pursue academic achievement through the administering of the University Matriculation Oath which captures the roles and responsibilities of the students as follows: "With my signature appended below, I hereby subscribe to the following Oath of Matriculation:

On admission to membership of the University of Benin, Benin City, I solemnly and sincerely promise and declare that I will pay due respect and obedience to the Vice-Chancellor and Officers of the University and that I will faithfully observe all regulations which may from time to time be issued by them for its good order and governance."


Selection of students into the undergraduate programme is the responsibility of the University Admissions Board (UAB) in conjunction with the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB). The selection process will consider the prerequisite qualification of the student, which is five (5) ordinary level subjects at credit level (including English language and Mathematics)in not more than two sittings except candidates seeking admission into medicine and surgery, who must obtain five(5) O’level credit in one sitting. Most admissions are into100 Level, but there is a provision for direct entry admission, which is into 200 level. Candidates who are awaiting results are also eligible for selection, but must produce their results before clearance.

All potential candidates for admission, having passed the general Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) with a minimum score of two hundred marks, are required to write the University of Benin prequalification examination known as the Post Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (PUTME), which is administered by the University of Benin Central Entrance Examination Committee (CEEC). Candidates with a minimum score of fifty per cent may be eligible for admission depending on the cut-off marks of the respective departments.

Each application from the prequalified candidate is considered on its merit by the University Admission Board based on the existing selection benchmark and approved by the Joint University Matriculation Board. The decision on students' admission is timely. Therefore, the University has a policy for minimum delay on admission decisions.

It is the policy of the University of Benin to offer admission to ably qualified candidates in the preferred course of study. However, where the University cannot provide the candidate with the preferred course of study, an offer for an alternative course of study may be made, and acceptance is at the candidate's discretion.

Part-Time and Postgraduate admissions are the responsibilities of the Departments (Part-Time Programmes) and the School of Postgraduate studies (for graduate programmes). In both cases, prequalification examinations are organised by the Central Entrance Examination Committee, and the outcome is communicated to the Departments and the School of Postgraduate studies. Admissions are offered to part-time students by the University Admissions Board. Admission of postgraduate students is the prerogative of the Dean and the Board of the Postgraduate School.

All students offered admission into the University of Benin must complete online and physical clearance at their respective faculties. Candidates duly cleared are to pay all school charges or fees in the case of part-time and postgraduate students.

Registration of courses is required for all students in each academic year after payment of school charges/fees. A student shall be deemed to have voluntarily withdrawn from the University if such a student fails to register two weeks after the beginning of the session.


The University of Benin has zero-tolerance for fraudulent and misleading information. The University will not offer admission to any candidate who is suspected of having provided fraudulent or deceptive information at the point of application. Any student who is found to have been offered admission based on fraudulent or misleading information shall be required to withdraw from the University of Benin, and where necessary, may be handed over to the security agents for further action. A proper investigation by the duly authorised department within the University system must precede the decision to withdraw such student from the University of Benin.

Students are not eligible to pursue two programmes at the University simultaneously. The penalty for such action is expulsion from the University. The University, may on compassionate grounds, cancel one of the admissions and allow the student to remain in the University.

All three hundred (300) level students (for a four-year programme) and students in the penultimate year of their study must submit their O' level certificate for screening by the University of Benin Certificate Screening Committee. Any student found not to have the O'level admission requirements either due to the inconsistency of names, forgery or fraudulent manipulations is automatically expelled from the University. At least two of the three names in all documents submitted for admission into the University of Benin must be consistent, one of which must be the surname. Where applicable, a verified newspaper publication and other supporting documents are required for any change of name(s). All affidavits of age declaration are not liable to change even after graduation from the University of Benin.

Student Transfer may be permitted under the following:

  • Intra Faculty Transfer:
    Intra Faculty Transfer is when a student is transferring within the faculty, that is, from one department to another in the same faculty in University of Benin.
  • Inter Faculty Transfer:
    Inter Faculty Transfer is when a student is transferring from one faculty to another faculty in University of Benin.
  • Inter University Transfer:
    Inter University Transfer is when a student is transferring from one university to another university

This is however dependent on availability and ability to meet the criteria set by the University


Admissions are given to physically challenged students in the University of Benin. Persons with disabilities are exempted from writing the Post-Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (Post-UTME) test, the candidate should meet the minimum admission requirements including UTME cut off mark of 200 set by University of Benin.


An international student is a student whose nationality is not Nigerian, applying to the University of Benin to pursue a programme of study at the undergraduate or post graduate level. International Students are exempted from writing the Post-Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (Post-UTME) test.


In University of Benin the average minimum credit unit to be taken is 30 at each level while the maximum is 50.

  • 100 Level: At the end of first year, a student who has passed less than 20 units shall be asked to withdraw from the University.
  • 200 Level: At the end of second year, a student who has passed less than 40 units (cumulative) shall be asked to withdraw from the University.
  • 300 Level: At the end of third year, a student who has passed less than 60 units (cumulative) shall be asked to withdraw from the University.
  • The CGPA at each level should not be less than 1.0.

    CGPA Ranges under the new Four (4)- Point Grading Scale for Classification of Degrees:

    3.5- 4.00 - First Class Honours

    3.0-3.49 - Second Class Honours (Upper Division)

    2.0-2.99 - Second Class Honours (Lower Division)

    1.5-1.99 - Third Class Honours

    Student whose CGPA is less than 1.0 shall not be awarded a degree

    This applies to the 4-year undergraduate courses. In the College of Medical Sciences and other unclassified degree programmes or professional courses, the progression criteria are as stipulated in the Faculty prospectus.


    University of Benin recognizes scholars in the University. These are students that have distinguished themselves in their different field of studies. Prizes are given to them as the best graduating students in their different fields during the convocation ceremony at the end of every session.


    • Full-Time Degree Programmes (UTME):
      Undergraduate admissions into the University of Benin is by the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) through Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) as is applicable to all federal Universities in Nigeria. Candidate would be expected to obtain a minimum of 200 marks in the examination. Candidates seeking admission into any degree programme should possess the University Matriculation requirements of five ‘O’ level credit passes including English Language at not more than two sittings in WASC/SSCE/NECO/GCE, NABTEB or their University of Benin recognized equivalent. For candidates seeking admission into Medicine and Surgery they must obtain five ‘O’ level credit passes in one sitting.
    • Full-Time Degree Programmes (Direct Entry):
      Candidates for admission through Direct Entry in addition to the ‘O’ level requirements above, will need to possess any of the following to be considered for admission:- Relevant passes in the Advanced Level General Certificate or Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board (JUPEB) or Nigeria Certificate In Education (NCE), or Ordinary National Diploma (OND), or Higher National Diploma (HND) or equivalent qualification for admission in the University as well as their respective departments.
    • Part-Time Programmes:
      Part-Time candidates are all admitted into 100 level. Those with additional diploma results could be considered for upgrade at the time of clearance if they satisfy the matriculation requirement.The clearance officer makes recommendation to the UAB.Clearance and upgrade must be completed within the specified clearance period. Not all programmes in the University of Benin offer Part-Time courses. The admission requirements for the National Universities Commission (NUC) approved Part-Time courses are similar to their Full-time equivalents.

    Note: Refer to University Admission Brochure for required admission specifications for the various departments.


    1. Applications for Postgraduate Programmes should be done by purchasing application forms online which should be correctly filled with all information required before submitting online and thereafter printed out from the UNIBEN Website,
    2. Applicants for Postgraduate studies in the University of Benin must have obtained at least five (5) ordinary level credits in WASC, NECO, GCE or their equivalent.
    3. Applicants must be holders of Undergraduate or Postgraduate degree in a discipline relevant to the programme to which they wish to apply.
    4. Only applicants who have the NYSC discharge, exemption or exclusion certificate will be allowed to clear into the Postgraduate programmes of the University.
    5. An entrance examination may or may not be required depending on the course of study as published on the University’s website.


    Only students who have passed all the prescribed examinations during their course of study and have been found worthy both in character and in learning will be awarded the relevant degree and certificates issued after approval by the University Senate.


    The University of Benin is duty-bound to provide valuable feedback to all applicants. Successful and unsuccessful applicants have high expectations of receiving feedback on their performance. The successful candidates are notified through the JAMB website, and a formal letter of admission is issued. "Admission in progress" is displayed for potential candidates who are yet to be admitted into the University.

    Feedback information to third-party other than the applicant requires the applicant's written consent to absolve the University of a breach of the Nigeria Data Protection Regulation (NDPR) of 2019 or any other similar regulation


    The University of Benin has a mechanism for addressing complaints and appeals from unsuccessful candidates and students admitted into programmeswith no requisite qualifications. All complaint letters must be addressed to the Chairman, University Admissions Board located in the University's Admissions Office. Students admitted into programmes lacking the requisite qualifications are required to fill a relocation form to admit them into the appropriate programmes. All other complaints are dealt with on their merits, and the outcomes are speedily communicated to the affected candidates.