Full name: 
Prof. Chokor Joseph Utienyi
B.Agric in Soil Sc., M.Sc.Agronomy(Soil Physics),Ph.D.Agronomy(Soil Physics)
Soil Science
Selected Publications: 

1. Chokor J.U., C.E. Ikuenobe and I.A. Akaelu(2008).
   The effect of tillage and herbicides(Rimsulfaron and Codal Gold) on weed regeneration.   
   International journal of soil science 3(3): 164-168

2. Chokor J.U., C.E. Ikuenobe and C.N. odoh 2008.
   The effect of tillage on the efficiency of CGA 362622 in weed control in maize. African Journal of
    Biotechnology 7(23) 4288 - 4290.

3. Idu M., Chokor J.U. and Timothy(2008).
   Effect of soil media on germination and seedling evaluation of dichrestachys cinera(L.) Wight and 
  Arn(Fabaceae). Green Farming 2:18 - 21.

4. Ogboghodo I.A., Ohenzuwa U.B and Chokor J.U(2008). the effects of rice husk and abattoir effluent 
  on soil properties, nutrient uptake, microbial species and some maize(zea mays L.) growth      
  parameters. 1. Green house experience. Nigeria Journal of soil science 18:31-38

5. Ogboghodo I.A., Akpowhene M.S. and Chokor J.U.(2008).
   The effect of rice husk and abattoir effluent on soil properties, nutrient uptake, microbial   
   species and maize(zea mays L.) growth parameters II. Field experience. Nigeria Journal of soil   
   science 18:39-47

6. Oke O.C. and J.U. Chokor(2009).
   The effect of land use on snail species richness and diversity in the tropical rainforest of south
   western Nigeria African Scientist 10(2)95 - 108

7. Chokor U.J and T.E Akinlotan(2009).
   The effect of soil physichemical properties and molluscs abundance in selected forest reserves of 
    Edo state. Reseaches in Agricultural sciences. 2(1-2):85-89

Research Areas: 
Soil Physics, Soil Moisture Studies, Soil tillage & herbicides on weed control, Molluscs distribution and soil physio-chemical properties
Office Address: 
Department of soil science, university of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria