Vision -  The vision of the University Administration in establishing the Students Work Study Programme is to assist needy students raise funds by working part-time while studying at the university.

Mission -  The mission of the Work Study Programme is to provide avenues and opportunities to ameliorate financial hardship suffered by needy indigent students in the course of their study in the university.

Goals & Objectives - The goals of the programme include the following :

  • Create awareness among staff and students of the existence of a welfare package for needy students.
  • To identify the degree of needy and assuage the financial difficulties encountered by students.
  • To reduce psychological, emotional and academic stress engendered by lack of financial sustenance on the part of students.
  • To create a conducive stress free environment that would have militated against needy and indigent students.
  • To effectively meaningfully utilize idle and free times of students which are otherwise exploited for mischief making.
  • To enable students have self-sustenance spirit without recourse to parents and guardian.
  • To source for work places in the university for adequate replacement of student workers.
  • To inculcate working and entrepreneurial ethics in the students.

The Students Work Study Programme was introduce in the 1998/1999 academic year by the University Administration. The programme in the effort to provide opportunities for indigent students, most of whom are from poor rural and urban communities to earn some money while studying in the university.

The programme in addition enables students to acquire the spirit of self-reliance and prepares them for gainful self employment in the future. The programme assist in ameliorate the hardship suffered by students in the university during their course of study. The programme has brought succor to many students since inception. It has taken care of students whom by circumstances of death of their sponsors would have abandoned their studies because of the excruciating financial and emotional difficulties on them.

Some students who abandoned their studies on account of financial problems have being engaged in the programme and have returned to their studies. Over 170 students participated in the 2004/2005 session, while 211 students participated in 2005/2006 session. Over 250 participants were recorded in the 2006/2007 academic session. In the 2007/2008 academic session about 239 students were engage in the programme. The students work study programme is student friendly scheme created for students, with students in mind. Our motto is “work Study, learn steady, in Unibest”.

Working Modalities

The programme ensures that working period does not interfere with your studies. The student worker is expected to work for nine (9) hours in a week. These hours can be spread from Monday to Friday in a week. Presently, the university pays #110:00 per hour. The idea of making working period short is to enable students pay more attention to their studies, their primary objective for coming to this university.

Nature of Work

The committee have job placement in various sections in the university. The participants are engaged as Office Assistants,Laboratory Assistants, Research Assistants, Data Entry Assistants, Library Assistants, Grounds men, Record Assistants, Health Assistants, Workshop Assistants, , Sports Complex Attendants, Garden attendants, Pond attendants, workshop Assistants Estate Assistants, Security Assistants. e.t.c.

How To Enroll For The Programme

Only matriculated and registered students of this university are eligible to enroll for the programme. Students who meet these conditions must register at work study office; interview is conducted, before they are employed at their work places. For further enquiries, contact the Chairman of the programme :
Dr. J Orhue or
The Coordinating Officer Mr Duke .O. Itoje
Student Work Study Programme Office
Faculty of Education,
Ugbowo Campus
University of Benin.