The Child Needs His Own Surgeon, Distress Call

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

This lecture, the 109th in the Inaugural Lecture Series of the University of Benin looks into one aspect of the Infant welfare little addressed when discussing Maternal and Infant Mortality.

The first part gives a philosophy of human existence and his place in the History of Medicine. It looks into the origin of life, the development from conception to the baby being born. The newborn may begin life with any one of the possible problems resulting from abnormal factors that could affect the embryonic development. In the lecture I have recalled the recognition of specialized treatment and the challenges in the child age.

The lecture then takes on the aspect of difficulties resulting from ano-rectal anomalies and dysfunction in the child as a typical problem case. The problems start from the time of birth and the child requires complete care and expert skill. Many of the conditions require surgical treatment. Surgery on Infants have evolved through decades and now has become well established. The child needs his own surgeon, the Paediatric Surgeon.

The lecture then elaborates the many areas where Paediatric Surgery gives specialized care; it illustrates the need for developing the special care to improve child medical care.