It is raining tablets these days, and the situation in Nigeria is no different. The tablet craze is catching on. The portability and the PC-like functionality for the average user make tablets a logical choice for a wide range of people.
The Nigerian market is awash with tablets now, from the iPad/iPad2, Samsung Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry PlayBook, Encipher Inye, to Ovim.

Tevci is releasing a new tablet into Nigeria; presently on pre-order. It is called DroidPad. Specifications are very scanty but from their sites, this is all we can get

  • Can Ping with other BlackBerry or Iphone Users .
  • Comes PreLoaded with Social Networking Tools (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr)
  • Work with all GSM networks. Make and receive phone calls. Built in 3G SIM

With DroidPad, Nigeria now has 3 indigenous tablets – Ovim, Inye and DroidPad. Ovim is a product of Fasmicro  and Microscale Embedded while Inye is owned by Encipher. Recently these companies are coming with their new versions with Ovim Plus, Ovim MiE and Inye 2.  It is getting very interesting and the competition is just heating up.

Info For Developer
Only Encipher (Inye 2) made a statement for developer, which is actually far from helpfull :

We provide offers for programmers to get rewards for developing for our platform. Details coming soon.